THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ‘My Million Dollar Question’

At times I wonder how an artist can manage to be very successful alone?Big Question!…NO!…..NEVER!!!Thats my belief.

The Workload at times extends to a ‘truckload’ full, that’s why most artists end up to getting persons to help ease up the pressure on their from their business side to studio recordings to their Music Distribution channels to the events( Concert performances/tours).

There are many people involved in the very 1st Success of any Music Artist to the eventual Career Success.These persons as they’re known ‘ The industry Achievers ‘.That without a Record Producer, there would never be any Music flowing through our stereos.That without an Artist manager, the artist’s Music Life would be a hard nut to crack through each day.

The two i have mentioned above are just but a few in the bigger circle on the vast music business world.There are many in the industry/Business that have made music circulate from the little known parts in this World to become Global hits. And that’s what am going to be featuring on my Blog every week.Without these people the Music World would be lesser in terms of its consumption.From the Recording label owners, Music Producers, Engineers, Artist Managers, A&Rs, Songwriters, Deejays, Music Publishers, Event organisers, Promoters etc etc.

With all the Cameras & Lights shining bright on the artist’s glare, Little could be known of these people that have made them who they’re yet they need/should have the recognition they duly deserve.The Respect!

Lookout for the Writings on my Blog about such people!The unsung heroes of the Music industry!!!Bless!


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