BRAND NEW MUSIC ‘Beat & a mic-Chronixx’

First and Foremost let me just say, when I say Reggae music will never die am talking about the likes of the new crop of Artists like Chronixx.Reggae music keeps growing stronger.

He first brought you ‘Behind Curtain’ late last year which was a massive success giving him his break.

This is Chronixx’s 3rd Single I believe, titled ‘Beat & a mic’. This is such a chunne, Well Produced and the lyrics are heavy.

‘Beat & a mic is a Classic, I believe it’ll will propel Chronixx to some greater Success.

The Record is produced by Bost and Bim(Special delivery Music) while the Music Video was by All Eyes on it.

You can buy the single on itunes
( )

Enjoy, Bless!!!


@Iamchronixx @Specialdmusic @Alleyesonit

Twitter: @Dannyjnr_


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