Finally Justin Timberlake and Jay Z Bring the Suit and Tie to the World!

I quite didn’t realize I would come to love this Song by Justin Timberlake, coz i do……This retro/Classic vibe been stuck on my mind for the last 1wk or so.I think I’ll be hearing more of this Single for the longest time to come.

After the much anticipated performance 4yrs later since his last at the Grammy Awards, dude came out blazing the stage backed up by a full band with Jay Z later joining him on the Black & white set.

The Music Video which was released on Valentines day has already garnered close to 6 million views on the Artist’s YOUTUBE VEVO account.

‘Suit and Tie’ is Justin’s 1st single from his upcoming 3rd Studio album ‘THE 20/20 EXPERIENCE’.The Record was produced by Acclaimed Record Producer Timbaland who they have worked together in the recent past as well as J’Roc and himself.

Jay Z presents a lot of Hard hitting Lyrical prowess and a classy approach both on the Audio and on the Music Video……..On the guest appearance of a rapper on the song,mmmmmh quite a risky affair but hey ain’t making music a risky Life affair for any artist in the 1st place.For any artist out there it may not work out, but as for JT and Jay Z, it was a Success to say the Least coz its Paying off in huge numbers, Loot wise!

As for his 6yr absence in the industry as a Recording and performing artist, with which he managed to get his acting career going Great among other things being an entrepreneur in the vast Music Business, he said ” I’m the one that sits and is obsessive about it before you even get to hear it. As close as I get to it, I don’t think I can physically torture myself that much, year in & year out, and i expect it to fulfill me the way that it does & the way that it is right now. You just don’t get that every day. You have to wait for it.”

Having had a successful debut both online on platforms such as the ITUNES store and on the Charts such as the BILLBOARD, ‘SUIT and TIE’ seem to have had its fair share of Bringing back JT to the industry in a Big Way…..Just A week ago, he released a new song ‘MIRRORS’ which I have a feeling will be his 2nd single. You need to have a listen, Amazing piece of writing.

Music Critics welcomed the song with praise. For instance Michael Cragg of THE GUARDIAN wrote”Suit and Tie” feels like the work of someone “luxuriating in the fact they’re making music again” and not someone “desperate to redefine pop in the face of its recent club-related slump”. He stated that the song is not a “sound-redefining, statement-making, globe-conquering comeback single” like “SexyBack” was, but “more of a midway point” between his previous singles “Señorita” and “Summer Love”………Kia Makarechi of The Huffington Post wrote “Our expectations are our greatest enemy. If we ditch the notion that Justin needs to reinvent dance music every time he drops an album (a tall order for any artist), then ‘Suit & Tie’ may actually give us a lot to look forward to.

Other Critics’ positive conviction on the ‘SUIT and TIE’ Single from my research include online Media such as THE INDEPENDENT among many other Music sites.

This 5 and a half min Music Video clip was Directed by David Fincher who’s had a past directing role on THE SOCIAL MEDIA in which Justin had an acting role.With its title, it indeed stays true with the black and white, classy appearance taking me back to the “TCM Movies” retro nature.

Hope you enjoy the Music Video coz i did!Looking forward to more from one of my all time singers!


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