NEW MUSIC “If You Believe-Campmulla”


Call their music “Bubblegum” WELL HEY THERE?!I don’t give a tinker’s damn about your thoughts.As far as my Preference of their music ability is concerned at the moment, I will counter and support this young Kenyan/African Band a plus.

A few weeks ago, the band released the audio to their latest single which relatively dealt on spreading Peace to the rest of the Kenyan(My country) nation which I do believe is a great gesture considering most of the Artists are busy campaigning for the respective leaders of choice at this point in time.

Just hours ago, the Music Video was released on their YouTube account.On the singles’s Press release posted alongside their Music Video via Http:// it states,”Camp Mulla sings for Peaceful Election by releasing their debut single of 2013 dubbed “If You Believe”.General Elections in Kenya are fast approaching, slated for 4th March 2013…. for communities and our country to review and propose possible solutions with regard to peace … ranging from a peaceful procession to advanced future growth & development for our economy. Just before the March elections, we urge all Kenyans to pray for peace, to love one another and in unity face the future together. This song is both a prayer and an awareness campaign for Peace and Prosperity in our beloved Nation. Never again should we allow our country to go through violence because of elections. We must choose peace over anything else. We believe that peace starts with the individual. It starts with you and me!”

Back to the single.It was Produced by Kanyeria and one of the group’s members Marcus who is also a Record Producer.The Music video was shot and directed by the extraordinaire Enos Olik.

Simply put, one great composition from the instrumental to the lyrics.Hope my fellow Kenyans take note and spread the word during the Elections which are due in less than 3 days.

Hit the Jump and let me know what your thoughts are!!!CHAGUA PEACE!!!


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