Tyga’s sophomore album Release and the Cover Art!


Come to think of it, tyga has has been on a long road to the mainstream scene.Let me take you way back when I discovered one of his first musical works.Hit the Jump!

Trust me I believe that’s when I started paying attention to his works….Dude killed it on this one.And that’s what paved way to his mainstream success.

Back to matters with Tyga recent announcement.The Rapper who’s signed to YOUNG MONEY is about to release his sophomore studio album, ‘HOTEL CALIFORNIA’ .Well who doesn’t want to have a copy of the rapper’s work.He’s talented for sure.

The album which was initially expected to be released on March 19th, but according to YoungMoneyHQ.com it will now hit stores and online retailers on April 9th.The album’s delay may have been the reason why “For The Road,“ Tyga’s single with Chris Brown, wasn’t released last week.

Checkout Tyga’s ‘HOTEL CALIFORNIA’ Artwork..

Tyga’s Sophomore Album 'HOTEL CALIFORNIA' coming out on March 19th

Tyga’s Sophomore Album ‘HOTEL CALIFORNIA’ coming out on March 19th


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