NEW MUSIC “Castles – Joe Budden”


As a HipHop Learner and Lover, let me just say I’ve got high admiration for Joe Budden for his lyrical skills and for his contribution to the HipHop game both as a solo act and on a group “Slaughterhouse“.Major strides.

Ain’t no different this time around.And with his latest Studio Album “NO LOVE LOST” released just a few weeks ago, the rapper has just released his new single off it titled “CASTLES“.

Joe Budden "No Love Lost" Album Artwork

Joe Budden “No Love Lost” Album Artwork

On this Single, the rapper goes deep on the reflection of the past.Checkout the new single “Castles” off the “NO LOVE LOST” Album below..

Here’s a verse off that single that caught my ear:
I learned a long time ago in life that not much is fair
So no love lost, but not much is there
Deja vu, this happened rapidly before
Every day’s a constant struggle and you’re a casualty of war
Which could only equal good, in fact
So love isn’t lost, I know exactly where I put it at


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