Picture1 DAN 7-1For the 5yrs I have been in the Music industry, I have been & learnt lotsa things.I have had my fair share of ups and downs over the years which I relatively refer as to ‘My newbie Professional Music Life’

My name is Danny Gichuhi Jr. …………I have been in this business for 5yrs professionally.It all Started out as a Dj back in 2007-2009.I Learnt this Art from 2 Music heroes, (RIP Dj Aisha & Dj Sam).Used to deejay in some clubs owned by the same Proprietor that’s Steps, Zeep, Jazz,Riviera & Blue Diamond.It didn’t last Long, I guess things were never meant to or I was actually meant for the better, so thought.

I Later decided to try out on the ‘better’ side of the Music industry, first as an assistant, gradually learning the Music industry.

I am also into Artist management, music publishing, music business development as well as Music Engineering.

Over the years, I have managed to Work with some of the Biggest Kenyan Acts from Wakimbizi, Ulopa, Wyre, Redsan among many others to a young Jamaican Sensation by the name of Clara Kahwa(CK), & a guy I consider the next among the Reggae Legends as Ras ajai.

I Love Music, all genres, particularly something that soothes my ears.From HipHop, RnB, Reggae, Neo-soul to pop music.I just love something that is easy listening to.I have a large collection of music in my rack and as on my PC and phone.

This is my 1st Blog among many I want to write in years to come.i have never had a Blog before but for the Love of Music, I thought or decided to take a risk.I want to write from anything to something, to educate the many in the Business as well as those who are yet to join.The little I have learnt from the Music Business Leaders & from the vast researches I have done, I will try my best to write and let it out.

Music ain’t easy but hey if you’re meant to be, you’re indeed meant to be!Hope you get to read my blogs once in awhile.The same info I managed to retrieve through my researches might be of help.Bless!!!


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